one of the reasons i love new years is that i love to get organized all over again.
i LOVE de-cluttering and chucking loads of useless things in my house,
and i LOVE printing a new planner and filling it with birthdays and goals…


i had at least 5 people a month ask me when the new bright and colorful planner would be ready and i tried and tried to launch on the 1st and my lack of sleep due to the sleepless holidays really killed me.
so, for you i have a new, improved bright planner to start you off right!
i am calling it the MC Planna
{cause i’m super clever like that…}
in case you were sticking around to see what’s new, i will fill you in:
· this planner is filled in through 2014 with all the dates and months.
the week views have even more space to fill on each day,
as well as a little check list at the bottom of every day to keep track of to-dos, or anything you want.


· each day also has space for meal planning or diet tracking as well.
i love it clean and un-labeled so you can track calories, meals, or plan posts for bloggers…etc.
do what you want, don’t feel stuck to a label or anything…
{though yes, a more comprehensive blogger version will be done soon as well.}
· the week view has a nice long to-do list too and each week has a great quote.
{lots of which were sent in by YOU, so thank you!}
each month view has an inspirational quote as well as a sneak peek at the month before and after.
and each month has it’s own color down the side,
so if you’re not into adding dividers,
you will still be able to quickly see where months start and end…


the full pages of weeks and months look like this:
and though we will be adding a few “add-on” pages as we go that are for budgeting, chores, cleaning…etc., we threw in a few new ones for this planner that i really like
{and that many of you asked for!}
extras include:
– a full year overview with holidays marked and labeled at the bottom
– a dates page to write in your own birthdays and anniversaries to keep track of in one place
– a shopping list/meal planning page to keep track of the weekly trip

{i also have the shopping list as an add-on here so you can print a meal-planner only.
i gave a few of these printed out as christmas gifts and will probably use one in addition to the planner, cause i’m weird like that…}

if you just want to just buy the printable planner for the year 
you can sign up for emails and get one for free!

do that here!

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repost the giveaway pic and tag me @bigredcliffordblog
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for an extra entry: leave a comment here on the blog
to tell me what you like about the new planner or how YOU will use it!

you’ll win the following:
· a full MC planna – printed on white cardstock front/back
{includes all of 2014 and i’ll even throw in jan 2015.
also includes meal planning and extras shown above.}
· my favorite notebook to put said planner in
{martha stewart discbound as shown above in blue/teal color.}
· the arc punch you’ll need to keep up with your printing and popping pages.
i LOVE mine, and won’t ever go back to 3-holes now that i’ve used it.

· a few other surprise goodies for you
to come in the mail with your new planner!

total prize worth over $100!

winner will be announced/tagged on instagram,
so be sure to follow!
ends 1/15 midnight