so, almost daily, someone asks the question, “where are you having your baby?”
and i have to answer.

this brings up the question of my lunacy, and ultimately, my seriousness about motherhood.

guys, i’m having my baby at home, not a field.
i’m not a crazy person.
and i’m stoked about it.

so i could live without the daily stranger’s comment,
“good luck with that”
“hope that works out for you…”
“sure hope you’re ready to go to the hospital if you need to…”

guys. i am 120% confident, so leave all that negative junk somewhere else.

it’s like by saying that i’m excited, or that i choose this on purpose,
i always have at least one person who thinks they need to tell me about “their friend”
in which the scenario “didn’t go so well…”
not your job. 

it’s this very conversation though,
that made this jim gaffigan stand-up that much funnier.

i’m not too granola about many things.
but this, i apparently have an opinion about,
and it’s not about you, it’s about me.

i don’t give a hoot how your babies enter the world,
don’t be offended by my saying so,
but for me and my house, we will be the “crazy, retarded, granola, oh-my-gosh-hope-your-baby-lives-through-that parents”

and we still like ourselves.

so does jim. thanks kristyn for sending this to me.
i almost pooped out my baby laughing so hard…