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my favorite {christmas} gifts

i won’t lie,

i got some seriously great stuff this year for christmas.
a little spoiled, but i am so grateful….

lets talk about my new anthro dishes i scored from my brother.
they are me all the way through,
and look amazeballs in my hutch.

cute teal, gray, white, anthropoligie dishes

{we sort of went shopping together and picked out our gifts.
then we decided we might just do it that way every time. he’s so much fun…}

my brother also gave us an ipad mount for boss to watch movies in the car.
lets just say 5 hours felt like 1.
what. a. dream.

um…my new boots.
{i got 2 new pairs of rad boots.}

side note: my MIL has this rad tradish where she takes her daughters
{i’m one of those now} shopping for a day and then she wraps those finds to give as christmas gifts. it’s pretty much the best day of the year.
but she’s sneaky.

she knows that after we run out of our gifted shopping capital,
we sit and contemplate purchasing those last finds for ourselves…
and in my case, sends secret notes to my lover to confirm that she buy them for me.
that sneaky mcsneakerson. i love it.

and i can’t forget the fabulous camera bag from epiphanie i scored from my cutest husband ever.
tears were shed, is all i will say about that…

he also gave me a pair of mint skinny pants!
…that will last maybe 1 more week until i need to go buy the fat-lady version of them… but they make me so happy… 😉

and between my mom and MIL, we got hooked up in the kitchen!
i heart corningware. clean, white, use em for everything.
some new knives and glass snap-top tupperware that i had been whining about for months…

and to top it off,
my mom’s kitchen gift came with a month of planned meals!
she emails the recipes weekly, and she even sends me my shopping list!

yes, she’s for real.
it’s been lifesaving and i could cry thinking about how nice it’s been to not have to think about what to do for dinner. then after driving me back home, she took me to costco and stocked my fridge!

see, i am not a bad cook, i am actually quite good at it.
i just don’t cook.

i get so busy, and carried away in all that i have to do,
or i get so wasted and brain mushed that i just can’t think it up!
and nothing sounded good for the last 10ish weeks…
so we have eaten out lots too… 

picture this conversation:

me: so anyways, last night cc came home and i just wasn’t feeling like anything and he asked what i wanted and i just stared at the fridge… then he asked where, i wanted to eat…
mom: are you pregnant??
me: umm
mom: {quickly jumping over herself} i mean, i didn’t mean to ask you. i don’t know if you wanted to surprise anyone if you are. and you don’t have to be. i mean, i am sorry to put you on the spot like that… now I feel silly…
me: …aaaand so we went to taco bell…

mom: i knew it!  i knew you were pregnant.
{and thus we see that big pregnant secrets are damn near impossible to keep from moms.}

so, after weeks of calling my mom to ask her what i was going to make for meals,
and after a few days worth of ideas at a time, she finally sat down and put together a calendar of meals for me for christmas. she also uses this fancy app that rocks too.

i will probably have to share some of these recipes as i go, cause
they are goooood.



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2 comments on my favorite {christmas} gifts

  1. tberg
    January 17, 2013 at 1:25 am (5 years ago)

    LOOOOOOVE your new dishes!!!

  2. The Higham Family
    January 18, 2013 at 6:04 pm (5 years ago)

    Congrats on the new baby!!