this day came too fast.
the little dude who knows too much,
sings very loud,
thinks it’s his way or the highway…
the one that screams nooooooooo! in grocery stores,
refuses to sit in a high chair,
and demands to help, no matter what it is…
is the same dude that cuddled and kissed me before bed last night,
who tightly wrapped his arms around my neck, and unprovoked, 
gave me a kiss square on the mouth,
then said, “i love you mommy!”
i melted.
a puddle of mother butter, 
as a friend would say.
i can’t believe i’ve been a mom for two years,
to this little guy who, 
though now a terrorist,
still has his mom tightly wrapped,
and his daddy too.
love your face, sweet bossy boy.
you’re my favorite child.
{i can say that now, but it’ll take work to keep that status, i’m sure…}
oh, and 
happy birthday.
{here’s a rewind of the last 2 with you}
and happy birthday to grandma great,
who shares your birthday.
we sure love that 87 year young lady
who reminds me where your cute sass comes from.