lucky for me,
i am married to a helping handy man.
unlucky for him,
that means that when he’s home sick,
i capitalize.
cause i’m a really great housewife like that…
i painted the desk,
and while it was drying,
i had cc help me come up with a plan…
i was rattling off ideas and he sat quietly there listening,
very patient and kindly nodding.
who knew he had already drawn up a plan!
how cute is that?
then we went out to snag a new bench,
{thanks again, craigslist}
since the other one wasn’t really fitting under there like i wanted…
then we headed to home depot for some wood/materials,
{we just bought the 8in wide pine and had them cut the lengths we needed.
then we grabbed some small supports and a dowel.}
then to target to look for a few organizing accessories
cc just loved that part of the trip…
again, great wife here…
and i found the new cushion for the bench at ace while grabbing something else…
  which was great, cause otherwise i would’ve done some bright chevron or something,
and i think it was karma’s way of telling me the flaming teal was plenty bold.
these little chalkboard buckets were in the $1 bins at target!
score!the glass containers were from target for $5 a piece,
and after i had cc add me a rod to the bottom shelf,
we just hung shower hooks on em.
and it works great!

so, lots of people these days have cute books on their shelves.
but since i didn’t have the multi-colored collection of vintage books to ROYGBV,
i like that my books at least say something about me.
i guess i can add the “cute” books later…{the tiny canvas print was the first thing cc bought me while we were dating.
he got it because i went through a random photography phase
of shooting hydrants while on the east coast and we saw this at an art show.
cute guy, huh?}

and now i can say i finally have some pictures up in my house!


and now that my drawers are all organized with all of my
artsy fartsy crap & shipping stuff,life can be creative again….

it made yesterday’s shipping day a breeze!

don’t you think it makes a huge difference?

i feel a whole lot better already…