NEW DIY glam gold bow moccasins giveaway

today is a few big things here:

1. our 5 year anniversary

2. this little girl is 10 months old!!

we were supposed to be at disneyland today with no kids,

relaxing as a couple and enjoying being just us.

no such luck on a busy weekend to find sitters in time,

so my lover {who is in charge this year} offered to go next weekend, when we can stay longer and enjoy it more.

so today i am here with my littles, and actually glad for the chance to stay and cuddle on this little girl who is so much fun.

she’s just reaching the age where she is almost walking,

loves to play, gets into everything, eats everything, and giggles at anything we do

{especially if it’s her brother.}

NEW DIY glam gold bow moccasins giveaway 5

i remember someone telling me that the little girl thing will surprise me.

that i would feel a different connection with her than i do my boy.

from the second i put this one in my arms i agreed.

she’s so sweet, so happy, so cuddly,

and she is already SO DIFFERENT from her brother.

NEW DIY glam gold bow moccasins giveaway 8

so i have been having so much fun dressing her and figuring out what “our” style is.

i was super stoked to try out these cute moccs from the coral pear.

they are real genuine leather, easy to put on, but stay there…

and since little girl is standing everywhere, ready to walk any minute,

these soft shoes are perfect.

and the bow?! and gold?!!!

i about died when they got here…

we haven’t had the best luck with shoes on her since she is so mobile,

but since she stands so much, i want to cover her feet.

the bow gets a little smashed as she crawls a lot, but since she has room to grow in there,

they’ll be even more perfect when she is walking!

i just love that they are a bit different.

they also have original moccs, and these super cute mary janes,

and boat shoes that would be cute on boys!

{lets be real, they’d all be cute on boys too!}

i will have to get lots more, cause i’m hooked.

here’s some of my faves at the coral pear:

coral pear shoes favoritesher little glam shoes make her so happy.

NEW DIY glam gold bow moccasins giveaway 2 (2)NEW DIY glam gold bow moccasins giveaway 3 (1)

so i wanted to make a few onesies to really make em shine

NEW DIY glam gold bow moccasins giveaway 2 (1)

some freezer paper and a little gold fabric paint and these looked so fun together!!

DIY glam onesies 2DIY glam onesies 3DIY glam onesies

isn’t she the cutest?!

NEW DIY glam gold bow moccasins giveaway 6

so, i want to be sure you get in on this!

go check out the coral pearĀ 

and follow them on instagram too!

and then come check out our giveaway on instagram to win a pairĀ  of moccs and 2 glam onesies!

coral pear giveaway