i have to give a shout out to my mom  
who showed up many days before reese decided to come just so she could help with boss,
make us dinner, and help us get all our last minute projecting/nesting done… 

she was worried all the while that she wasn’t much help, and i had to remind her that indeed, 
she was incredible to have around.

see, i kindly uninvited my mom to the birth itself, knowing she’d be a basket case watching her daughter go through pain. she later admitted to me the meltdowns that she had after the brief 2 minutes that she walked in on me going through a contraction in early labor. scared the heck out of her. we both agreed it was good that she was supportive in other ways…

she was the perfect babysitter for boss, who loved every minute he spent away from home,
and when she was here, she made us yummy, healthy food that helped make the aches and pains a little better i think. moms are perfect for that.

my mom is one amazing cook, but knows how to admit when there is a better and best recipe out there. we were out of tortillas one day so she says, “no big, i’m going to make em… like renee!”

renee is our neighbor who was raised in mexico and everyone within a 5 mile radius knows she’s the go-to for the legit recipes… i am so happy to have this one in my arsenal. i can say without trepidation that this is our fave tortilla recipe. and i’ve tried lots recently… but none were quite good enough to share….

 homemade flour tortillas best recipe

true story: my mom did all the work on these, i just helped eat them. nonetheless, they weren’t too much work, and you NEED this recipe.

homemade flour tortillas best recipe 3

flour tortillas
adapted from renee hatch,
our neighborhood mexican recipe guru

6 cups unbleached flour
1 Tbs salt
2 Tbs sugar
1 Tbs baking powder
24 oz cottage cheese {she notes to use Knudsen}
1/2 cup room-temperature butter {can use lard, crisco, or oil… i like the butter in there}
3/4 cups milk

what to do: 

mix dry ingredients in a large bowl or mixer. add butter and mix well. add cottage cheese and mix until pie crust consistency, but don’t over mix here! blend in the milk until dough just holds together. over mixing will make your dough too tough. place in a large plastic bag and let rest on the counter for 2-3 hours.

knead well and form into 2-3 inch balls. dip all balls in flour and cover them so they don’t dry out while the others are rolled out. roll into circles. cook on un-oiled hot skillet. put cooked tortillas into a plastic bag soon after cooked to keep them soft. the dough balls can be refrigerated and used later, just allow to sit out to room temp before rolling…etc.

homemade flour tortillas best recipe 2
what would we do without moms??
reese-and-grammyisn’t she glowing with reese in her arms?