i’m not even close to done talking about san francisco,

but a quick word.

i am going to just come right out and say it.

i left my child for about 5 days,
and i’ll admit that i didn’t really worry about him at all.

it didn’t cross my mind until the last day when i started to think about snapping back to reality and our life here in san diego, and work, and mom-ing…

then i almost felt sick about it. 
not the coming home to it, but the fact that i could go 5 days
{and the first time away overnight} and be completely fine.

{ok, i guess i did call during downtime to check-in once…}

last night, after we sent g-ma home on a plane,
and my child lamented it all the way home,
we came home and put him to bed like always.

he cried for hours.

note: i have one of those children that doesn’t cry for long unless something is truly wrong.
he generally goes down without more than 5 minutes of “complaining.”

he was truly upset.
and it was hurting my heart.

so i held him.
and he let me.

it took a few more times of going in and holding him,
some singing and cuddling, and holding his hand…

and every time i tried to leave,
i just couldn’t.

i can leave for 5 days and not worry,
i can put him down and walk away,
i let him cry to help him sleep.

but i cry thinking of these mom nights,
when its just me and a sweet boy reminding me that he still needs me.

which is great, because i have a feeling it won’t last long…