today is my birthday.

honestly, they are getting less eventful as i get older.

but nonetheless, it’s my day.

i am trying not to work too hard,
to play with my little dude more,
and to be happy that it’s suddenly rainy today.
and that i’m a few sizes too large to enjoy shamelessly spending money on myself.

foto cred to the fab rosemary watson

in honor of today being all about me,
i’m going to share a few useless facts about me that you probably didn’t care to know…
sorry, not sorry.

  • i might drink more soda than water. oops.
  • i can survive on less than 5 hours most nights…. though lately i want to sleep
  • if i could travel anywhere, it would be to Italy and/or England. dear future, lets make that happen.
  • i used to be a huge nail-biter, then somehow stopped cold turkey once i was engaged.
  • i hate running. hate.
  • i love nikon. there i’ve said it. don’t hate on my, you canons.
  • i like to eat food.  seafood doesn’t count as food.
  • i once had a beard. but i wasn’t a carny or anything.
  • if i had lots of money to spare, i would buy myself a trainer and a maid. i loathe dishes. and working out alone.
  • i like organizing. my husband would probably laugh to see this today, but i do love having a place for everything and purging all of the useless crap in my life.
  • i will always be an only daughter/sister-in-law, and i love that to pieces.
  • i still wish i could go back to school, though i have a masters. cc thinks i’m nuts.
  • it’s really hard to offend me.
  • i was once on a billboard
  • i generally get along better with boys than girls.
  • i have a handful of girlfriends that i have known since…ever that i still consider some of the best i’ve had.
  • i have very specific pet peeves about grammar. i write a post in my head every time i see a misuse of the words there/their/they’re or your/you’re… {shivers…}
  • i hate politics. and pretend not to know about them. i’m lots happier because of it.
  • i’m often too lazy to put the brush on my electric toothbrush, so i use the oldschool one. ironic much?
  • i like my feet. post-pedicure: i love them. hint hint, husband?
ps, thanks for all the sweet love notes on facebook and instagram. 
you guys know how to make a girl’s day! 
it’s made it so easy to do nothing, and bask in the glow of my day to do… nothing.