may 23, 2009

this was a whole year ago!

the giddy 12-yr-old smile i couldn’t shake?

the absolute peace in going forward

the serious fun-having with the best friend…

the happiness that so many of our families could see it happen

may 24, 2009

um… lets talk about how to get that tan back…

may 21, 2010

we took friday and monday off.
so cc made breakfast,

then we played all day
and went to our brazilian bbq place,
to eat copious amounts of brazilian meat…

[and sat at the table 2 feet from amare stoudemire and his 3 kids.
funny to watch them micromanage their kids.
we almost asked him to take our picture…]

may 23, 2010

we’ve been staying at gold canyon ranch,
where we were last year for…9 hours or so.

breakfast on the patio in 75 degree winds,

[day 3 in a row of bacon = queen]

cc (and yes, technically me) got a new addition for our anniversary:

and that sweet man got me something to remember our first year.
i have been a pearl girl since we went to hawaii,
and i had whined that i needed my pearl ring fixed that we got there…

what a thoughtful guy!
i love love love it!

[side note: megan means “pearl”]

first anniversary
of the best decision ever made.

couldn’t begin to describe how much more you mean to me now
than i ever thought possible 365 days ago.