WARNING: foto overload

this is only part of it.
we did a lot, in a short amount of time…

we did a lot of walking.
we found lombard street, while on our way to the yummiest 
italian dinner i have eaten in my life.


reason # 229 it is fun to travel with cc, 
he likes the fotography just as much as I do…
so when he sees things, he stops and makes me feel like a model too.

ummm…. really…?

we did some of the obvious things,
but everyone seemed to be having an anniversary,
so it wasn’t just us….

it was like everyone knew this needed to be a big deal…

why does everything seem so colorful on vacation…?
like suddenly, the fabulous place you live seems drab and colorless…

what? i never once stopped, mid-sentence to post something to instagram….
not once.

and, you may not watch it,
but the boats, and well, a lot of this place reminded me of Fairly Legal.
which just made me smile…
slash want to have long hair again and a fast boat…

on our honeymoon in maui,
cc had me pick out a pearl or two like this out of a clam…
i had a necklace and ring made…

for our 1st anniversary, he gave me a fun new “right hand” ring that moonlights as my wedding ring when i’m pregnant fat. 

so when we saw this place at fisherman’s wharf,
we had to stop and do it again…

i’m not really a “buy me jewelry” kind of girl… unless it is pearls.
it could be because of our honeymoon and i am a huge boob,
or that my name means “pearl”
but it made me smile.

i guess it’s lucky for him i’m not that into diamonds…

yep, rode it many times too.
and yes, we were at the 75th anniversary of the golden gate.
again, fate.

we ate chocolate,

we froze a little bit,

we fought over who got to hold the camera…

laughed a bit at midget doors…

and we ate. 
lots and lots of yummy food that we shouldn’t have….

that’s stupid. 
eating on vacation is like eating while pregnant.
it’s just right.

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