last weekend, since we had family in town,
cc played hookie on friday to come play with us!
he needed a real mini vacation with his family.
we did a lot in a few short days.
 boss and i are still recovering from all the walking,
but it was so fun to see these peeps and get out to do some new stuff.
{please excuse the many iphotos…}
if you come to san diego,
definitely gotta check out balboa park.
it was where dad wanted to go, so we went,
and ended up on a side of the park we hadn’t been yet,
{cause it’s enormous}
which was right in front of the science center. 

there is a huge fountain with chalk around,
so anyone can write on it,

and a lady making balloons for donations,
and another just sitting in a chair, making huge bubbles
cause why not?

we stopped to fight off the bubbles with balloon swords before we went in…
the science center is like heaven for a 2 year old,
and the rest of us were plenty entertained too.

though this may be the fattest picture of myself,
this is too funny not to share…
my FIL getting fresh. 

this kid’s play place alone was fun…
a million balls and tubes that suck em up and spit em out, lots of buttons to push,
foam blocks… and the main event of course: the firetruck.

when the aunts got here,
we went to the beach for a day,
and had fun chillin in the perfect weather.

in case you wondered,
5 of us were pooped on by a flock of pelicans.
just a drop of that gray stuff smells like satan.
so we all had to wash off before returning to our lazy sunbathing…
… and this weekend i was pooped on twice again!
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
then on memorial day,
we headed out to seaport village.
another fun touristy spot with lots of random shopping and sub-par food,
and always lots to see…
pic of the week: cc grabbed this one of the crazy bird that kept eating out of our hands!

then more firetrucks, more cupcakes,
and it was time to go.

 we went over to old town for some mexican food.

another fun touristy place to walk around and grab some homemade tortillas
among other things…
thanks for a fun weekend!