i am loving that the box subscription businesses are becoming trendy.
{and i realize i’m a bit late to the party…}

but i saw a coupon somewhere for a free box to try out julep and i thought,
why not?

i have been in nail mode for a while lately and thought i would check them out.
and by nail mode i mean, in the mood to always have my nails painted…. it may or may not have something to do with the fact that the score is even on the gender front over here now…

if you are into nails, and painting your own nails, this box is perfect.
and would be perfect for a gift because you can’t really go wrong.

personalized colors: i LOVE both of mine, and they are not colors i would have chosen on my own. the red is more rusty than i would pick, but i love it. and the lavender color is great- totally not something i would go for, but i think it will be fun.

i am usually boring and have a million bright red or coral colors, but never branch out unless i am at the salon… and even then i still get the same thing over and over…

my style is “classic with a twist” so that’s the box they send me.
you get to say what kinds of colors you’d pick…etc., and they send what you’d like.

i’d say classic with a twist is pretty accurate if i were to name my style.
for clothes, i am a bit more daring, but for jewelry and nails? eh.

right now i’m just trying not to get picked up by what not to wear.
i feel so frumpy and mom-ish these days… so lets hope that changes soon and i can feel like a stylish mom again…

i’m going to try a few other subscription boxes out there cause i have a huge obsession with getting mail. it’s not a spending problem, it’s a mail problem.
it’s the highlight of my day when i hear the sound of a box drop on my doorstep…
it’s 4:00 christmas.

the julep maven box also comes with product- in this case this yummy smelling pedi creme/lotion, and a sample of foot scrub. 
i also filled out a beauty bio with questions about my hair color/type, my skin color/type, what kind of lip color i wear…etc. cause they send more than just nail care products. awesome.
to be honest, i don’t know that i personally need to get this particular subscription again only because i have my own gel nail system {the gel polish and an LED lamp} so i’ve become a little spoiled to have nails that last a few weeks at a time… i do like having the fun colors to change it up once in a while {since i only have a few of the gel. hey, they ain’t cheap}.  perhaps i’ll give them another month to see what comes before i cancel it though…
disclaimer: i was not paid, nor given this box for free to review, and all opinions are my own.
i used the code FREEBOX to get my first one free, so you should too and let me know how you like it!