i’m not an evite hater.
and if you invite me to a party using evite, i’ll come of course…
but, for those of us who are ready for something a bit better…
there’s a new guy in town…
and i am crushin on him…
i’m not getting paid to tell you that we used pingg
to send our last invites-
they let you use your own design.
one of the only ones that does… believe me, i spent hours looking…
so, when my emailed guests click on it, it looks clean and fresh,
like this. white background, no mess, almost like they got it in the mail…
i could put the deets below so it’s easy to see…
 you can pay to rid yourself of the one ad they through on the page,
but for all the other good free stuff they give me,
i’m happy they get themselves a return…
the concept’s the same-
see all your rsvps, they can leave messages, private or for all the guests to see
the more i used it, i kept thinking,
why are we still using evite, people!!

pingg even scheduled thank you notes, and reminders…
i mean, i’m still writing hand-written cards,
but that’s a nice touch to get a quick thank you in your inbox a day or two later…
then i got invited to a cute party this week
from my cute friend jess from allora handmade

this site is fun cause it really feels like you are getting a card in the mail!
they’ll put your guest’s name on the card,
and open the envelope to show you the card…
it’s magical.

 like pingg, this one has lots of cute designs already made you can choose from
and customize
{in fact, this one doesn’t let you use your own uploaded design}
but they both have an option to print and mail actual cards to your guests!
so while it may cost a bit more per card than mailing your own, 
it would be worth it to save all that time!

 i know this is a random post,
but after spending all day looking for the perfect ones,
i figured i had to share!
and don’t be surprised if you get an invite from me just cause i’m a bit addicted to using these….