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instalife // #birthdays #momday

my birthday,
was fun.
i did absolutely nothing all day and it felt awesome.
then cc took our kid to the fam,
and i opened my card & gift, which had this iron man mask in it.
the gift was a gel nail lamp and polish so i can do my own gel & shellac!
if you come visit me, i’ll give you a gel mani-pedi.
cause that just sounds fun.
we went to the fancy mall in la jolla, 
where the awesome arclight theater is,
found some super tasty indian food,
then saw iron man 3.
{the best of the 3 so far. believe me on this.}
my mom sent me this yummy birthday package
from her home cookie biz here
it was a beautiful day.
and such a fun night out with that guy i like so much…
and after the week from hell with a 2 year old,
i was very grateful to have another holiday about me so soon after.
cc always does a great job of stepping in and taking care of me if and when i need him,
which lately, is more and more.
i don’t have air conditioning,
so on days like today, when it is 80 something degrees, it is that in my house.
lets just say, when my coconut oil melts,
it’s hot.
this is what most nights look like:
cc relieving me, and giving sweet boy the much-needed attention he’s been deprived of all day.
it about drains my mom heart right out of me.
mom day…
of course he made me breakfast.
bossy requested pancakes, so thats what cc made us.
banana pancakes with strawberries. perfect.
then he actually got on etsy all by himself and had this hand-stamped necklace for me…
a B and an R for my Boston and Reese
{since many have asked baby girl’s name}
can’t change the name now!
i love my sweet boys.
thanks for making my days so special.


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2 comments on instalife // #birthdays #momday

  1. Sarah Averett
    December 7, 2014 at 6:27 pm (4 years ago)

    So, I’ve been looking all over for an initial necklace that I can tell Zach I want for Christmas and then I remembered that you got one. I finally tracked down this post and I want one just like it. Do you know what shop Chris got yours from??

    • Meg
      December 9, 2014 at 11:39 am (4 years ago)

      ooh- i will log in to his etsy and see…