i wanted it to be something special.
about us.

something that meant something,
and that maybe no one else would put in their room cause maybe it’s not their thing.

so the day i finished designing it,
i sat back trying to figure out how i was going to make it happen…

i got a message from cammi from scribbleit who needed an iphone case.
she offered to trade and i said, wouldn’t you know, i have the perfect thing i need to vinyl!!

she was great and sent it right over and it worked so perfectly!
the vinyl was exactly like i’d hoped!

by jason mraz & colbie caillat
cause i really am pretty dang lucky…

what i did:

paint the canvas with a little sunlight,
carefully {and painfully} peel the vinyl from it’s backing, letter by letter so they wouldn’t tear,
then more hours of carefully transferring vinyl to the canvas.
{it doesn’t stick really well to canvas, so it means lots of moving slow, paitience, and a credit card to hold the letters down while the paper is peeled back…}
take a dinner break,
peel some more,
have a mini breakdown and come up with 4 other ways to do this that probably would have been easier…
paint over the entire canvas with a mod podge to help it stick,
paint over that dry layer with a gel medium.
{though if you have the glossy mod podge, just do 2 coats and you’d be fine.}

oh, and to tighten up my then saggy and damp canvas,
i just tagged it with the blow dryer for a few minutes and it shrunk right back up!

we decided against painting the full 18ft high wall gray and just outlined the frame.
and recognize that heinous frame from the egocentric picture of us it used to house?
it was sprayed and antiqued, just like the hutch.
much better.