when i graduated from college in 2008,
i guess i just thought i would go teach for a while
and then go back to school someday…maybe a few years down the road…

lucky for me,
i had a sweet job that involved education
(minus the stress of teaching/planning/grading/whiny parents)

the past year.5 or so involved:

late nights,
approximately 150 papers,
(one 45 page monster thesis)
a handful of tears,
lots of caffeine,
supportive bf,
more support,
writing lesson plans in my sleep.

somehow, it ended.

and my aha moment was as i completed the last assignment:
it was fun! i realized that i can throw together a creative curriculum
for a class in a short amount of time. and i like doing it!

it was like my first class in college (well, at byu) that i took.
it was american lit history.
the last class before the final,
the professor prayed for us that we would do well,
then he showed us a slide-show with music
of all of the writers and works and periods that we learned about.
i was so overwhelmed that i could learn all of that and how much it meant to me.

i have a masters in education: curriculum & instruction,
i am pretty glad i did it.

i am a phoenix.