We just moved into a house, from a tiny apartment. It’s our first time in our 7 years of marriage in more than 900 square feet. Since my husband works from home, we have been adjusting to our team effort to get everything done and stay in a groove, and we are slowly getting into a great pattern that seems to be working. Because our current kitchen is a lot better than our last, it means it’s more fun to clean. It’s new for us, so we were able to start a few new tricks out the gate that have helped us to keep tidy all day and I’m surprised at how well it’s working! Here’s a few house cleaning tips that have helped us a ton!

1) Toys stay in ONLY the toy room. Clutter has gone down dramatically because of that. Bedrooms can stay put together because toys are not in there to clutter them up, and once we are done playing, we can put them all away easier because they don’t have a million places to go. What doesn’t fit in the playroom has to go. I am also “toying” with the idea of rotating out toys so we have some put away and switch them out. I think that would help to have just less of them around.


A mid-century modern family room. Gray couch and yellow  wingback chair


2) I keep a mini vacuum plugged in nearby, and the kids love using it. So almost once a day, my floors in the family room get vacuumed, even if it’s just the corners or places with crumbs instead of the entire floor with the big vacuum. It makes a huge difference, and since I have a rug that shows everything, that matters a ton!

3) Set a timer! If it’s dishes right after dinner, or messy rooms, just say, “I’m setting the timer for 5 minutes!” And get everyone up. It’s like a game and gets everyone to help. My kids are always more likely to clean their rooms if I tell them I will set a timer or count to see how long it takes. It helps motivate me on days when it’s overwhelming. My husband and I will start in different rooms and set a timer and see who can finish tidying up first. It’s easier to play if it happens every day. And I hate when it feels like cleaning and tidying up are only my job, so this helps to remind everyone that we are in this together!

Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Micro-Scrubbers

4) I keep Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Micro-Scrubbers in EVERY room. After dinner, I like to have all the dishes clean, and if I pull out the wipes, everyone helps and we usually “spot clean” the tile floors with a wipe under our feet. If I have them in the bathroom, my bathroom stays wiped down all of the time too. I rarely have to set aside a block of time to clean bathrooms because we have been able to generally keep them wiped down as we go {they are awesome on soap scum!}. I just jump in once a week or so to do the mirrors. I love Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Micro-Scrubbers in the kitchen the most. My mom had them and I LOVE them for counter tops because they have texture on one side to get the tough stuff off the counter and on my flat stove top. {Like after my son “helped” to make mac and cheese the other night and let handfuls of it bake on the stove top so it was a little tougher than normal. The rough side is perfect for that.} Also, they kill 99.9% of germs*, viruses, and bacteria and the germs that cause the cold and flu. We also had some sick kids last week, so it’s nice to be disinfecting, AND keep my house clean all the time. The smooth side makes wiping up quick and easy too. Check out Clorox on Facebook here! Pick these up at Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and lots of other national retailers. *When used as directed

5) I now do laundry on Monday AND Tuesday. This is my first time in a place with a separate laundry room and I love it. I just bring in all the clothes, separate them, and wash/dry them on Monday, and then give myself until Tuesday to get them put away. If I feel like I have to do it all in one day, I get hyper stressed because it can be overwhelming!

Kid's chore jars

6) I give my kids jobs. If my dishes are clean in the dishwasher, I will offer my 5 year old a coin to empty it out. He loves that job. We put all of the kid/plastic dishes down below so he could get to them and he helps set the table and put dishes away. He takes more pride in keeping “his cupboard” organized too, which is hilarious. He can also get a coin for vacuuming, or making his bed and his sister’s bed for when he comes asking for more jobs. I let him “buy” iPad time later with his coins. Each is worth one show. It’s been such a great motivation, and also helps limit his screen time!

What do YOU do to help keep clean and organized! I love new tricks!


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