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honey chicken skewers easy

thanks again for your support on my post from yesterday. it often takes a lot out of me to be that open sometimes, and it’s those posts that sit in my collections of written drafts that i hover over publish for a long time, wondering if it’s something i should say. so thanks for the support, my post about moms with depression and anxiety has been shared so many times and i really appreciate the words from you who have felt the same way. women are awesome.

one of the things i have learned in the last few months is that what i put in my body affects my hormone imbalance the most of anything.

i know, i don’t help because i DO post food that is…. well, not great for hormones…

but most nights, i try to stay closer to “chicken & veggies” of some sort to ensure that every meal has both protein, and lots of vegetables. when i start to feel crappy, i revert back to my whole30 days and make sure every meal has some green and some protein, and it takes about a day, but i feel 180% better!

this recipe is just a little honey glaze, but it’s a perfect throw-together to keep chicken & veggies from becoming “uh… chicken & veggies…?”


honey chicken skewers and veggies

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