we didn’t do easter baskets.

didn’t do gifts.

we dressed in pastels and went to church.
made it on time for the first time this year…
thought about the Savior,
cried through videos of His story,
and wept through stories of the lickin He took for me.

i needed that.

maybe next year we’ll do more of the fun bunny/eggs/gifts side of easter,
when my kid will remember… but i do like the idea of keeping that a bit separate.

plus, i have been getting a bit overwhelmed by the sheer level of holiday-ing around here.

pinterest and craft-bloggers have really set a high bar that is borderline unnecessary,
don’t you think? i know it’s all in fun, but who is going to go through all the trouble when a nice dinner will do? maybe it’s just me, and maybe i’m just exhausted…. but slow down, everyone! 

it’s getting in.tense. up in herr.

yes, we made lots of food,
spent time with family and friends,
and had an egg hunt for the kids,
but i sure didn’t miss the basket-filling/neighborhood treat bags/decoration frenzy/bunny scavenger hunts…et.al. this week.

nor would i have had the time for any of that if i wanted to.

boss loved it,
and the food was ta-die-for.
first time i ate to the seams in a long while.
and baby girl was jumping for joy for hours after…
{she’s going to be a good eater. that’s evident already…}

we made these fabulous rolls,
the one thing i know i can’t mess up.

and ate and ate and ate and talked and ate.
what a beautiful day.