true story,
yesterday morning i didn’t have a clue what we were going to do
in the whole costume realm,
and since cc could care less, i was on my own…
i was also on a shoot all day, so unable to do anything about it until about 3pm…
though after feeding everyone and a pit stop, and 2 meltdowns, it was more like 4:30…
se la vie, right?
my mom sent me a picture of a few kids as a nerd herd. 
nerds made me think about my iFamily.
before i could tell him my idea,
cc sent me a picture and said, “i totally have apple stickers.”
duh. we think alike. 
{slash, he likes costumes that are minimal or not at all…check.}
and that’s the only picture we got as a family. from an iPhone… so it goes…
{from an apple device though, so that was intentional i mean…right? #momfail}

 it did mean i got stuck in traffic for.e.ver. on a last minute target run,
but it was worth it to have an iFamily.
well, to have a family in costume at all this year…
cause i almost gave up.
no time, no energy.
and i could only find boss a black shirt,
which once we got him dressed up realized he was a mini steve jobs.
the whole way to the party we practiced and he was saying,
“i’m steve jobs!”
i can’t help it. i’m in love with him.
this little guy was the cutest all day and so excited to go to a party and see his friends.
then yesterday morning this happened:
boss: play album tangled.
siri: playing maroon five tangled.
boss: NOOO! PLAY album, tangled, picture, soundtrack!
siri:…playing tangled. from the motion picture soundtrack, tangled.
boss: thanks!
 seriously, we are raising steve jobs here…

we didn’t get great pictures of us either, but it’s not really about us…
though cc was super proud of his idea to roll his pants up and wear his boat shoes.
so we both did. 
and i was just glad to wear my real glasses after the eternal day and lack of sleep the night before…
and i had a real apple shirt on {since my brother worked there}
 and truth be told, we really are apple geeks…
it was a win-win for all.
the icing on the cake of course was reese,
bringin home the win with her iPood onesie.
those are totally just stickers, and didn’t last the night…
but we felt awesome.
totally a fun night with friends
and a great excuse to party!
{we didn’t even have to trick or treat and deal with a sugar rush…
that’s next year’s trouble for sure.}
yay for cheap and easy this year.
happy halloween y’all!