cc had work off on friday.
he broke the news to me the night before and i was beside myself.
we played all day, even went to the beach for a bit.
in true vacation style.
some cute friends invited us over for dinner + dyeing eggs.
we obviously had a good time…
{thanks, zufelts for the good food and good times!}
i will admit it took eternity to get to church,
and it was my fault entirely.
this may be the first year i went to church without a new easter dress.
{insert dramatic sad face}
and this may have been the year i needed one the most.
needless to say, there is still a depressing pile of
NO-WAY-WILL-I-WEAR-THATs near my closet that i might just donate to someone else’s life.
B looked good though, so we took fotos of him…
he makes t’s with his hands all the time. i’m told it means potty. which makes lots of sense…
then we headed out for our dinner appointment with good friends at his parents’ “chateau” cc kept calling it.
they basically live in a mansion. and it is beautiful.
this little dude was the star of the egg-hunt. 
and by star, i mean the only one.
cute carterface.
yes his eggs were filled with snacks he can have (i.e. goldfish- the whole grain kind. i love her…)
and we did some birthday-ing too. big fan of this cute family. 
it was so fun to be in the middle of it. thanks matthews for the dinner and the show!
and happy birthday miss danielle! 
{i know- just 2 weeks before mine! love that!}
what a great weekend… 
i guess i really didn’t want it to end-
i left my purse at their house… 40 minutes away. not cool.