we are going for it.

for the past 2 months, we have being trying a few kinds out,
using them every day,

and i think we found a winner.

first, let me say that when i first thought of cloth diapers, i was repulsed.
why? cause i imagined the old school burp cloth pinned on my child all big and bulky with a humongaloid safety pin and imagined myself in an apron {sans the pearls} scrubbing and hang drying poop all day…
no thanks.
but my amazing pioneer woman cousin let me use some of hers and taught me the ways. 
and i am hooked.  its one of those things i will talk about with anyone who will listen.
for those who care, here is what we decided:
bumGenius Reusable Diaper 2 pack - Boy (Snap Closure)bumgenius. i like em, they are great diapers. to an on-looker {i.e. grossed out dads} they look like just 1 piece of diaper that acts, looks, and smells, just like a disposable.
there is a pocket that you stuff the absorbent insert into and away you go. for newborns , you just dump the whole thing in the wash and don’t even look at it. when they start eating real food {soon for us} that changes, but not a whole lot.
so then i heard of these:
Flip - Snap - Stay Dry Insert Individual-Butternutflip. made by bumgenius, similar, but the inserts just lay on top. that way, if it is just wet, you can roll it up, slap down a new one, and away you go. no need to wash the cover. otherwise, the diaper is almost the same. i liked this idea too cause now we can get disposable inserts for when we travel and not have to have real diapers around. we grow out of them too fast for it to be economical.
i have 2 of these, and 2 in the mail. we are just going to collect them over time instead of buying a box of diapers.
{i have 2 snaps and getting 2 velcro ones. cc is a little skittish about the snaps and they seem to last ok, so…i bought my first ones at babies-r-us cause they were returned, and the second ones from cotton babies-free shipping.}
detergent, we are still working on. i got lots of good advice and tips, and we happened to have tide free at our house, so thats what we have been using, but i am not sure its the best. occasionally, i have to wash twice. i have a cute friend who plans to make her own. and then prompty teach me.
any more tips and tricks?  i would gladly accept them.
we are going full-out either way, but i love hearing what you do that works!