i wanted to treat my man to a date night.
{he has been the get-r-done-er,
run here and there/do this/do that,
clean the dishes and finish dinner when life has been crazy
kind of man for a while.}

and not just spend money on a fabulous new place for dinner,
cause we do that all the time,
but a real, you and me, get a baby-sitter,
and go-see-a-movie-we-have-both-salivated-over-for-months kind of outing…

so, after our usual list of errands:
morning run, petting zoo, ace hardware, bed bath & beyond…
we headed head-first into the onslaught of giggling obnoxious teenage girls.
to see the weekend money-maker: hunger games.

now, i was sort of invited to about 3 different “girls nights” to see the flick,
and while i agree in general that girls nights are vital to a woman’s sanity, well being, and overall health,
i had read these books with cc and loved bonding about it with him.
most guys haven’t even heard of it.
{which i think is just silly, it has man-movie, written all over it.}

we were practically giddy school girls ourselves waiting in anticipation.
which makes me love him all the more…

lets just say, i haven’t had so much fun in a long time.
especially at the movies.
well cast, well edited, and pretty darn true to the book.
they did a great job with the violence, and it wasn’t too chick flicky.
guys would totally get into it.

he didn’t even get sick of my inner 13-year-old saying,
“ooh, i wish i could braid my hair like her.”
“ooh, he IS pretty cute…”
“oh my gosh, i love that she is a normal size!”
“oh i wish i looked that good without make-up on…”

{i will say, they didn’t do as much to fill in the non-book readers to the characters,
but did i care? not so much.  that would have taken way too long in an already pretty long movie… sorry to the rest of you, but i guess it’s your fault for not reading sooner!}

jennifer lawrence = perfect

@joelmchale: Breaking entertainment news: Jennifer Lawrence crushed to death by avalanche of scripts offered her this morning.

the audience was hilarious.
swooning at all the right parts, clapping when the good guy wins,
screaming at the jumpy stuff, and crying at the sad stuff.
and we were no different.

i wish there were more flicks that i thought about all weekend
because they were that much fun…

2 and a half hours wasn’t enough,
i might need to read them all over again…