You know that I would only ever review and post products I really ove, right?

These baby and toddler shoes are one of those things I love!! And with the new line of skirts over at Color Me Apparel, they are just perfect!

coral freshly picked moccasins & a giveaway

Cause these are some of those. I’m sure you are not a huge stranger to Freshly Picked. If you are, where you been at??

As far as girl bosses go, Freshly Picked is one to emulate. She has done a lot of things right and her team is amazing. The new colors and styles they keep rolling out are awesome and they are some of the smartest marketers out there. It helps to have some of the best coaches {Shark Tank}, but man, do I admire them.

insta FP 002

Reese’s favorite shoes to wear are these comfortable, easy to put on shoes. They are soft-soled {though they are coming out with hard soled kid shoes in August!}, and they last FOREVER. So, lest you get caught up in the fact that they are, upfront, kind of an investment, let me tell you something that might change your mind: these shoes have lasted us months and months and saved us in get ready time and meltdowns usually affiliated with it!

insta FP 007I bought a handful of shoes for Reese months ago just wherever I could for cheap {and in colors that don’t match anything she owns}, and she’s grown out of every pair in less than a month. I get so frustrated when I feel like I spend $15-$20 a few times a month on shoes for a toddler, only to see them thrashed and too small weeks later. Sometimes it just feels like buying diapers. A sunk cost.

insta FP 006

These though, last. Buy em big and then let them stretch them out to last even longer. They get cute footprints on the bottom as they wear them, but you can grab her leather wipes and keep them clean too. I personally like the little footprints in them. They show where she’s been and are kind of a fun reminder of this fun phase she’s in.

insta FP 004

I bought a handful of these to go with her Color Me skirts, because moccs are one of the best things to pair them with. It ties everything in and makes for the easiest outfit mix and matching. Reese begs to wear her skirt and “choose” every day, and I can’t tell her no most of the time! I love when babies start transforming into toddlers. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s exciting. She throws a fit if her hair isn’t done and if she doesn’t have a purse with her in the car. #thestruggleisreal

And, I was so excited to shoot these because it was just in time to recreate her newborn photos that I loved so much. Here’s a few of those just to see what 2 years can do…

Baby-Reese-San-Diego-Newborn-Photography-141-652x1024 Baby-Reese-San-Diego-Newborn-Photography-201-678x1024

insta FP 005So, in honor of our new summer arrival prints over at Color Me Apparel, we wanted to share the love and Freshly Picked wants to giveaway a pair of moccs to one of you!

Enter below to win $100 Giftcard to Color Me Apparel and a FREE pair of Freshly Picked Moccs!

Winner will be chosen and announced on instagram next week! {Tag friends on this post here for extra entries after you entered the form!}

Good luck!

{Be sure to read the T&C at the bottom!}

$100 Color Me + FP Moccs!