school hasn’t started for most of california yet, there’s still time to get ready!

first day of school chalkboard printables

i wish oh i wish i was sending my threenager off to preschool, nay, boarding school, this year.

but alas, i am not.

i am just looking at all your “first day of school” pictures and sighing… some day my little kid who is currently pretending to be a baby to get attention will one day stop crapping his pants so we can move on with life.

the struggle is real.

so for now, please enjoy these chalkboard printable signs as my way of giving you the big ole thumbs up on all your cute pictures of your school-going cute-n-nerdy kids.

if you still have time, i highly recommend printing these at persnickety prints. you will not be sad about them. they will look legit!! if you don’t have time, send this to costco, office max, or staples, and mount it on some black foam core and in photos it will look like the real deal.

the image above is not of my kid. it’s of my cute friend leigh‘s son, who ACTUALLY WROTE that sign. free hand. with real chalk!  not my talent, but she let me attempt to copy it in font form. she is a photographer {in arizona} and posts a great shot for every day of the year just like this one. go see her 365 project. she’s amazing. and she’s also provided me with a full home-school preschool for my threenager that i am pretty stoked to start soon. i will keep you posted.

back to school chalkboard printable signs

and i just couldn’t help it. someone please print this and give it to a teacher who would chuckle at it…

free chalkboard printables back to school billy madison style

oh please. do it for the kids.

all of these printables are ready for download here.

want to make your own?

check out my post with all the free chalkboard fonts and background here.

10 free Chalkboard fonts

{note: these are for personal use only, not for redistribution,

resale, or re-posting in any way without permission. thanks for playing nice. i knew i liked you.}