i spent a good part of the weekend scouring the online deals for gifts,
but only snagged a few.
and if we’re being honest here,
found more for myself than for gifts. woops.

my husband is the WORST to shop for.
{i’m sure lots of women would say that though…}
if he needs or wants something, he usually just orders it…
i mean, i am whining for things i would like to have all day every day,
but his whines are more like “when i have a house…”
“when we can afford a new car…”
ya know… stuff santa can’t bring unless we make friends with Ellen.

anyway, i have a few things coming that i will need to wrap fast,
and i never keep real wrapping paper here {on account of i don’t have a place to store it}

i’ve always loved the look of the brown paper packaging with bright tags.
and i discovered i have a huge roll of brown paper!
{i think it’s that stuff in the painter section, ya know to tape things off…}
it’s perfect for wrapping, but a hint see through.}

last year i used brown paper bags inside out and it worked great too!

so i whipped up some small tags, some large tags, and 3 8×10 prints for you!
i use dropbox for printable files.
if you’d like to sign up and have a free online place to save all your random printable stuff like this,
use my link here and then i can get more free space,
which means more free stuff for you!
note: printables from BRC are for personal use only and are not for commercial use of any kind. 
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