i was feeling a lack of festivity around here…
and i know it’s a bit early to be all up in the halloween mood,
but since i will be gone for a week,
i figured i’d let it be october at our house already.
and i like it.

so i recycled a few from last year, using some new cool fonts i can share soon…
and made you a banner
just in case you are a cheapo like me who refuses to spend more on holidays than the 3.5 dollars at kinkos to print these….

download all three here.

UPDATE:  speaking of scary, in my haste to make this subway art cuter than the last time i used it, i totally misspelled skeletons! the download link has the updated copy.  sorry about that if you have it up in your home {like me} already…. guess that just adds to the fun of it.