i don’t even think it can be called a bump,
it’s not a belly, in fact, in truth, i think it’s mostly fat so far…

this morning. since it is slated to rain, but pretty sunny out… wearin the boots anyway.

today marks 17 weeks and here is a brief recap
of what my “lumps” are made up of so far:

greek yogurt
sweet potato fries

not nearly enough water, and way too much diet dr pepper in d-caf form.

i’ll be the first to admit i haven’t been on my game this time around.
i have not been obsessive about water, 
i haven’t taken any photos,
i haven’t written down anything about being pregnant,
and i am definitely not getting enough sleep and exercise.
{except for last night when we decided to fall asleep at 8pm cause we’re old people.}

lets just say, i am feeling nasty.
and not entirely cute.

i usually have a pretty good control of my appetite.
i usually don’t have much of one.

usually, when about 8 or 9pm hits, and we’ve had dinner…
and we are catching up on suits, or bones

a little green monster in the recesses of my stomach cavity come thundering up screaming, “you MUST have _________!!!!” —  the “________” changes daily,

but it is sometimes chinese, sometimes taco bell,
almost always papa johns, and last night…
i just wanted cookie dough. {may have been cause i found an eggless recipe on pinterest… blast that site.}

i whined like a two year old with my pot belly out, staring into our useless, empty, ugly pantry. that desperately needs to be organized…

i settled on some greek yogurt topped with cool whip and fruit snacks while my husband just chuckled beside me.

i don’t joke about food.
and about half way through, i wanted to vomit.
it wasn’t what the green monster wanted.

so if food was any indicator of gender,
i would say i’m having more boy thoughts than girl,
but that could be in part, because of my fear of girls…
i guess we’ll know for sure on the 21st…

i hope you have prettier things to look at this week, cause i could really use em!!
{or probably benefit from eating them…}

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