A DIY Tufted Headboard | An IKEA Hack for a Toddler Bed

A DIY Tufted Headboard – IKEA toddler bed hack

I knew I wanted to have a tufted headboard for Reese’s bedroom, but I wasn’t going to go and buy a huge new bed. I also wanted her to stay in a toddler bed, cause she’s so little and I hope she never grows out of it!!

DIY tufted headboard IKEA hack Target bedding girls room

First off, I am a big fan of IKEA hacks. I think it’s silly to spend so much money on kid furniture that will be upgraded in just a few years, and yet, I really wanted her bed to look a little more put together than a plain little bed, now that she’s growing and will be a big sister soon!

We started with the SNIGLAR Bed from from IKEA, for $69. I couldn’t even find a used one locally for better than that! I sprayed the whole thing in an off white and then found a fabric for the headboard that was slightly off white to match.

SNIGLAR IKEA toddler bed hack DIY headboard


I searched pinterest for the shape of headboard that I liked, because there are so many options and I love this shape for a toddler bed. I had my handy former drafting husband to help with the wood part and he used his nerdy engineering skills to draw a completely symmetrical design and then cut it with a jigsaw. The wood is exactly the same width of the bed frame, and sits about 6 inches above the existing frame.

DIY Tufted Headboard IKEA Hack wood

I had him draw me dots in perfect squares, as shown, and then pre-drill them with a tiny bit.

DIY Toddler bed tufted headboard IKEA hack 2

The fabric I used is just a white thin canvas material, so it felt kind of like upholstery but would be easy to manipulate. I just covered some batting and stapled the fabric to the back. {For the deeper, more dramatic tufted look, you need to use foam and cut holes in the foam before adding the buttons.} Because we pre-drilled the holes, it was easy to attach the buttons. I basically sewed them on at all of the holes, using a wider/flat button on the back and the covered pearl button on the front {Use upholstery thread for this and attach both buttons via one hole}. If you were attaching this headboard to a frame, you could cover the back with a thin piece of plywood in the same shape to cover the staple/fabric mess in the back.

I think the change adds the perfect amount of whimsy and takes the “kid-look” out of the cheap furniture. With the table and mini shelves {also from IKEA}, we were really proud of our quick projects.

DIY tufted headboard IKEA hack-3

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DIY tufted headboard for a toddler bed. IKEA hack!


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