we went to such a fun party last night for halloween.
it was such a long day,
i was up the night before until 2 something lit by computer light
and brain deep in code.
it was a good busy day,
but by the end, i was excited to make a treat.
turns out, i was missing at least 1 ingredient to make anything i thought up.
so i didn’t.
luckily, the other girls never lack,
and this one even brought two!
{we decided this one could be from me….since i failed so miserably.}
isn’t she fabulous?!

our hosts. they obviously know how to throw a party!
dia de los muertos. oh how i wish cc would do this one year… these guys looked amazing!
stick figures. they looked amazing in the dark too!
tiger lily, tink, and.. ruf.e.oooooo
zorro, huntsman, snow white. spot on!
Cheshire cat, mad hatter, and the flinstones.
yes, that little prego lady made all of those…
this tail is black now…

such a rad party, so grateful to have such fun friends!