listening to first general conference
thanks for sleeping {almost} through the night last night.
and thanks for letting mom nap this morning.
i needed it for my emotional health.
{had a mini breakdown last night. 
topic: “when will i ever sleep again?!”}
we were doing so great on the schedule thing until this last week when you decided to wake up mid-naps and get all ticked about life…
it sure made me question what we were doing wrong…
what was i eating? was i drinking enough? did i not burp you well…?
dad has to remind me often that it wont be perfect,
that you are 5 weeks old and may not care about the whole “schedule” thing…
he has been taking good care of me and helping with dinner and stuff too…
but generally speaking,
you + babywise = happy and confident mom.
you pretty much go down for naps on your own now
and i have to wake you up to eat most times. 
we are on about a 3.5 hour schedule
so you are only awake for about 45min-1hour at a time,
but when you are, you smile at me cause you are happy to be well-fed and well-rested.
glad to be on the same team, boss.
now let’s keep up the good work…
love, mom.