i have been pretty lucky with the prego side effects.
i haven’t really been sick,
though i feel sick in the afternoon sometimes.

i have been a bit emotional/irritable at times.
which is perhaps why i crave my 2 dvr-ed episodes of
extreme makeover home edition daily.

and i weep through them both.
not like, “oh that is sweet” cry.
like “hold my towel to my drenched face” weep.
depending on the day, sometimes the magic box finds 3 or so for me to see!
i could do it all day…
it’s the best mix of home-improvement/oprah-sized tear jerk
especially for pregos rapidly losing brain cells.

food hasn’t been a huge issue,
but some foods will temporarily sound like paint or cough syrup when i think of them,
so i only eat what sounds like it wont come back to haunt me
ergo, i still eat lots of pasta and quite a bit of pizza these days…
my baby will be italian.

the past few days i have been thinking of this:


maybe it was cause i went out and bought 2 bags of these
(and nothing else…)

i ate 1 in one sitting and i am currently eating the other…
but i wish it was this:

i stand only 3/4 satisfied….
perhaps it was unfortunate that i found this site

and good thing i have these…

i am addicted to them.
which is not bad since they are 70% real juice and 30% sparkling water.
gives me my “i need soda like yesterday” fix without the empty caffeinated calories.
i can get em in bulk at costco!

good thing i will be at an “izzy” party tonight with my cute cousin and some of her friends.
i will let you know how that goes. 🙂