Colorful Gallery Wall with Chatbooks

Colorful DIY gallery wall with Chatbooks!

chatbooks gallery wall

I’m excited to share this quick DIY project with you. I’m such a Chatbooks fan, I just had to figure out how to get them on my walls!

I’ve been obsessed with Chatbooks for a while now, and while this is NOT a sponsored post, you can get a FREE book if you use my code to sign up: COLOR635

Basically, I found some wood corner molding/trim at Home Depot, it was .77/foot, super cheap, cut it there, using the miter saw rigtht there in the isle, and then painted them with regular craft paint like you see here. I used 3m strips on my wall because I’m in an apartment and I didn’t want that many holes. You could definitely tack them in with small wood nails and paint over the front or even use a glue {if you are ok with probably needing to repaint/texture the wall when they come down!}.

Either way, I will be a Chatbooks-for-life person. I’m obsessed with having my pretty instagrams in real life and on display in a gallery wall!  I love that they are right there for everyone to grab off the wall and look through. Friends and family love seeing them, and I can change them up with the holidays since I have enough with bright colors on them!

A fun DIY gallery wall using Chatbooks. {A quick youtube video!}

So, what do you think? Like it? And the video?

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1 comment on Colorful DIY gallery wall with Chatbooks!

  1. katie
    August 18, 2015 at 9:40 pm (3 years ago)

    So dang adorable!! LOVE this Meg!!