want something fun to do in San Diego? run. everyone does it. 

color me rad run san diego 13

this run was just a 5k, so you can hardly call it a “run” or even a “race”. in fact, my husband said they were unprepared for the guy who ran it all and came in with his fist in the sky to an audience of no one and no cameras… whoops. guess he forgot this one is mostly just for fun… 😉

they call it Color Me Rad. so how could i not?? it literally had ME written all over it! and check out the swag you get with these- i freakin died when i saw the cute v-neck tee they give you when you sign up.

i was sooo in!Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 3.57.19 PM

pre show is everyone in white in matching outfits laughing and getting pumped up.

very few look like runners here. it’s mostly for the pictures and the hilarious choking on chalk in the middle…

color me rad run san diego 12

my girl sandee has to push up her skin to look buff, i have to pull the fat back. it works.

color me rad run san diego 11

i’m just glad my first race was one like this. just for fun and with a good friend. i have wanted to get into these, but this was mostly just to get outside and laugh at ourselves. which we did lots of.

color me rad run san diego 10

and while we “ran” our little cute people danced around with the dads and thought the whole thing was for them. which was the evil plan of course.

sophie even taught boss how to dance like a prince so she could be a princess. he has asked every day if we can practice this. i die.

color me rad run san diego 3color me rad run san diego 4color me rad run san diego 8color me rad run san diego 6

these color runs are fun because you run through stations for every color and they’ll blast you, so you will be sure to get covered in rainbowness by the end. which is important. teeth look white, boob sweat is pink or purple… it’s important.color me rad run san diego 2


that’s pretty much how it went.

lots of dancing, lots of laughing… this is sandee, one of my best friends and favorite chicks. she’s like the size of my thigh, so she makes me look huge, even though i’m not really…

we are stoked to get a huge group of moms together to do the color run on october 11th, lots of cute matching outfits and lots of white tool… should be a blast.

color me rad run san diego 1

{since we were at qualcomm stadium, they had everyone throw their chargers colors.}

color me rad run san diego 5  color me rad run san diego 7

heaven knows we aren’t really runners too- which made this even more fun, and we ran lots more of it than we thought. it makes we want to sign up for a 1/2 or something knowing that they are so motivating!

at one point she kicked a rock and we both started running until i realized she didn’t mean to run, “was that you kicking something or starting to run” {almost out of breath} “oh no, i just kicked something!” [hilariously ugly laughing for 20 minutes as we walked…]

these races are something you find almost every weekend in San Diego. heck- you could plan your vacation around a race, and almost always find one the weekend you’re here. it might mean you are running in mud, on the beach, or through an obstacle course, but seriously, a fun day.

and if downtown, head to the cracked egg for brunch, full coated in color. you will not be disappointed, and you surely wont be alone!

color me rad run san diego 9