Meet Katie from Just Add Sunshine Inc and support fellow #girlboss ladies doing great things to make the internet a better place.

GirlBoss Katie Just Add Sunshine

Friends, I have been working on this for quite a while now, and I’m so excited to finally share our new project with you! My husband and I have been photographer nerds for a handful of years and shot weddings and huge families together, but shooting and editing these videos has been so fun for us. He shoots, and I chat with girls and make dear friends. It’s a great thing.

Something I’m so passionate about is using my little corner of the interwebs to share amazing women with you. And women you might not know about. There are large companies and public figures you might like hearing from to learn what they do and how to emulate that…

but here’s the thing: There are SO MANY women in this world doing great things, that I am on a mission to meet them. Each of these women will have some girl boss ninja skill that they are great at, and you will fall in love with all of them because they are ALL so inspiring and each for different things.

Something instantly impressive about Katie: After I met her last year at a mutual friend’s book signing, I added her on instagram. She had 1100 followers and made handmade signs. I loved her colorful feed instantly and her bright personality. We stood and chatted for about an hour and clicked. One year later, Katie is rocking an IG account with over 32000 followers! I wanted to know what she did to get there and how she feels about running a business and being a mom of 4 little ones… I asked her lots, and we spent the day laughing hysterically, and walking through the bright and inspiring rooms of her house.

If there is one thing I will take away that I learned from Katie is to be kind. She talks about it in the video, but man, she really is one of the kinder humans. The fact that she is a mom and puts her family first is so evident in her home. You can feel it the minute you walk in.  And though she is the creative/scatter-brained/crazy-type, as I am, she’s managed to include her children to keep them close while she works. She also genuinely supports other women and girl bosses, a lot of the art and signs on her walls are purchased from fellow handmade shops that she supports and has made valuable friendships with.

If only ALL industries could take this note- SUPPORT EACH OTHER!!

Here, watch this, then we’ll chat…



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