the more i read this book, the more confident i become about life with a baby.

and i will say, it has been close to what i imagined it would be.

it cracks me up when people in my ward or that i meet out will say,
“how’s he sleeping?” and i say “great! he gets up once a night!”
they always say, “you are so lucky…”
or “don’t get too used to it!”

well, if only it was just luck.
no people, we have worked at it.
each week he gets better,
and 3 nights ago, on his 7-week birthday, he slept 9 hours.
we are officially through-the-night.
{i know it will not be perfect from here on out,
but in a week or so, he should be good to go for good.}


we average between 7-9 hours most nights which is just fantastic.

the other quasi-funny thing to me,
and i may soapbox here for a minute…

is the argument that babywise is damaging to babies.
there is nothing damaging about having a plan, being confident, and having structure.
babies love that!

you can find many extremely negative reviews out there about how babies fail to thrive on babywise cause they shouldn’t be sleeping that long.
woops- wrong again… most gain MORE on babywise.
true story.
the goal is full feedings.
when they eat enough, they sleep enough.
and babywise babies tend to grow at a faster rate because of it…

some think that babywise means that you are on a strict schedule
and therefore ignore babies when they are really hungry. 
but it does put parents in charge.
{your 3-year old would probably eat crap all day if you let her,
but no one hassles you for monitoring her diet.}
so why are newborns any different? clue: they aren’t. 

 having a schedule, albeit, a flexible one,
makes it easy to tell the difference between cries and know what he really needs.
and that is even better for me than the sleep benefits.
knowing what to expect means i have never had the panic moments of
“why is my child crying, i have no idea what to do!”

anyway- i know it isn’t for everyone,

but i think the smackdown is a little OOC,
having a plan, being organized,
and getting to know my child’s needs so things are peaceful…
i consider that my parenting style.
…it also happens to be babywise.
{this message brought to you by babywise,
and the letter T.}