I want to start off by saying that I am so flattered that Meg asked me to be a Color Me Pretty contributor I am BEYOND excited to share with you all little tidbits to help you feel like the beautiful woman you most definitely are! Here we go!

Do you have long hair? Is it a complete mess when you take out your two-day-old top knot? You know when you get out of the shower and your wet hair is a rats-nest even though you used conditioner?! Ugh. Brushing through tangled hair is the biggest fall-back of having long locks.

Beauty is pain, right?

Not any more, my friends…well, at least in the tangled hair department…I can’t speak for tweezing brows and such.

I give you: “The ‘Wet’ Brush”!TWBcategories_EDIT

Haven’t heard of it? Trust me when I say you NEED this in your life. It brushes through
tangled hair like a knife through soft butter (is it okay to use food analogies when speaking of hair? No? Well it just happened).

Do you own one and LOVE it? I am personally giving you a virtual high-five for knowing about this brush. Aw, yeah!

Here’s another great tip–use it on your kids!! They even have cute little ones! Works like a charm. No more buying detangling product. “The ‘Wet’ Brush” has got you covered.

You can get yours here. And when you want to send me a thank you note for changing your life—don’t waste the postage stamp. Just send it to my email 😉