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boys can be whimsical too {week 31}

this week the theme was whimsical.

i had been avoiding shooting fotos of my own little guy
because i wanted to think outside the box, do something different…

but the problem is, when someone says whimsical, i think of kids.
{if you would have said whimsical a few years ago who knows if i would still go that way…}

and that other problem: when i think of whimsical,
i always think of cute little girls.
not boys.

our cute little girlfriend we were going to play with/stage a mini-shoot with this week got really sick. like 103 temp sick, and so the brilliant plan to catch her in her whimsy… didn’t happen.

so, b and i went to the park, where no one speaks english.
he met a cute polish girl, he met a cute russian girl…

and they shared a few moments of fleeting fancy,
that none of them will ever recall.

watching them was joy to us three moms,
with 3 different accents.

he was a charmer,
a little man.

on the way home, i caught him. plainfully quaint.
the little whimsical boy that will soon grow up to win and crush hearts,
is still, for now, my little boy.

more whimsy for you:


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1 comment on boys can be whimsical too {week 31}

  1. SamaraR
    April 10, 2012 at 4:42 am (6 years ago)

    He is soo stinkin cute! And getting sooo big!