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blenders & ladders

when we got married,
{just shy of 3 years ago}

cc’s parents gifted us a washer and dryer,
because at that point, we were talking about buying a house.
{what everyone does in arizona….}
and because they are rad.

then we moved.
and the washer and dryer stayed put.
in a storage unit for 2.5 years until we realized we weren’t going to use them
probably for a long time.

once we sold them, we knew we couldn’t just put that cash in the bank,
that wouldn’t be nearly as awesome as the incredibly thoughtful gift my in-laws gave us…
we wouldn’t be able to say, “our parents got us this for our wedding…”

so, we thought of two things that we wouldn’t normally splurge on but that we really wanted.
something i wanted, something he wanted.

purchases, that i might add, that have already been life-changing.


now we can make green smoothies every morning,
carrot and ginger soup, and
i have used it at least once a day since i have owned it.

and a little giant.
cc’s amazing new ladder that can change into like 30 different ladders.
it can get to our high ceilings, 
and look at that cute tool belt he gets to sport!
he has already hooked up his surround system
and plans to paint a wall…
already worth it.

{don’t mind my one sad easter decoration. 
one lone egg on my mantle.}


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1 comment on blenders & ladders

  1. angieinpink
    April 11, 2012 at 5:11 am (7 years ago)

    myron has a testimony of the little giant too. it's his favorite ladder ever. jeal of your viatmix.