cc had the day off yesterday
because we were going to go in to do a version at the hospital.
long story short,
i canceled it but made him keep the day off…
 mostly just to spend time with him at home 
when we didn’t have a million things to do and he wasn’t sick. 
{he stayed home sunday and monday cause he was sick…}
i thought we should do santa barbara or something we don’t get to do a lot
{hour south}
and that spontaneous guy thought up morro bay:
{about an hour north}
we hadn’t been before and it is a beautiful place,
this large rock is what lots of peeps go for,
and on the other side of it is more beach where people come to surf.
{and apparently it is bring your own shower…}
it is beautiful and relaxing and we really needed some time drama-free to really just be us.
we filled up with gas and then drove straight there,
and stopped at the first place that looked tasty…
this little gourmet/ny style pizza joint hit the spot,
and we ate almost the entire pizza just us two…
and didn’t even feel bad about it…
washed it down with a few beers for good measure…
and then found the water and played around…
we were like kids, 
trying to forget about the rollercoaster that has been this week,
and we were revisiting the list of things we haven’t done yet 
that we wanted to do before kids happened….
and of course we decided that we are more than ok with this plan…
 it does feel a bit like the end of an era though…
this place is just beautiful
we got back in the car and he just kept driving.
with the windows down, we drove the coast… 
half determined to get to monterey…
there is nothing better in the world than spending a day with this man right here.
if anything could make me forget the painful weekend,
and negative things my midwife said the day before,
he could.
thanks for the perfect day.
i needed that.
baby update:
thanks to lots of support and good ideas,
 i found a chiropractor in the area that does the Webster technique.
i drove the 40 minutes to see her on Tuesday and again this morning.
she was incredibly positive and optomistic and reminded me that i am in control and that staying postive and hopeful will help my chances of things going well.
i instantly trusted her cause she shared my beliefs about childbirth
and i could tell she would be concerned in a similar situation,
yet she remained calm and reassuring.
i asked her about the version on thursday and 
she was reluctant to tell me what she would do,
but eventually she admitted it could wait a week- 
B couldn’t get too big in one week,
and she hadn’t seen too many of them be successful on their own anyway…
the adjustments she made seem to be helping create space and i am feeling more and more confident that Little Man will turn on his own… perhaps on his own time table…
feeling empowered again,
i went home tuesday and tried more moving, inversions, flashlights, juice…etc. and felt the baby move back and forth-
at least now he has the room to do that!
i went in and saw the one of the three midwives that seems to have issues.
she confirmed that the baby hadn’t turned,
and then gave me her unsolicited advice 
about my decision to move the version to next week:
she went on rudely about how it will be harder to work next week,
that if i go into labor before then i will have a c-section anyway….
all things i had thought of before, obviously…
she then told me that i could look into other places that deliver breech babies vaginally
ucla…ucsd… and a little farm in tennesee.
{that last one was the dig.}
she knew i had read ina may’s book and how i felt about this 
so she was trying to manipulate me and control the situation….
i couldn’t believe how incredibly unprofessional and cruel she was for no reason at all…
i kept thinking of my chiropractor’s words, 
“if you don’t feel good about doing the version, 
it will most likely be unsuccesful anyway. 
you should go with your intuition, every time.”
i left, furious, and determined to get positive again.
after another mini-break down to cc, 
i went home and did handstands in the pool,
and all sorts of things to try and help B turn.
yesterday, of course, i had a fabulous day with cc…
we even came home to some packages!
my way cute car seat is in the car ready to go…
so NOW, we can have a baby!
this morning, 
i went back to see my chiropractor
and she let me vent about how things went with my midwife.
she agreed it was incredibly unprofessional and unnecessary 
and again lifted my spirits that things would turn out just fine.
she is even going to see if she can find me a few contacts that will deliver a breech vaginally and reminded me of all the studies done recently to prove their safety.
i may go to see my chiropractor daily, 
just for emotional support!!
tuesday i have another visit with her, 
wednesday is another ultrasound- and a much needed conversation with the other midwives about who will NOT be attending my birth,
and thursday, we will attempt a version…
the good and bad news is that time is running low…
as of today we have 22 days…