it’s not often that we get to go see what’s going on at the office.
dad is helping to build a hospital here in san diego.
it’s a pretty big project, so it was fun to see the progress from the ground level…
plus, how can we resist a mini photo-op with my man and his adoring boy
who also loves big machines and tools…
boss really just wanted to run free,
but in the middle of all of that, he pointed out all the “big trucks”
and “scabators” he saw along the way…
last i saw this place it was a large dirt hole,
so lots of progress has been made!
i can’t help but laugh at how much this kid is like his dad.
computer nerd already, loves his machines.

of course, it’s really about the food though, right?
this old fire truck was turned into a brick oven gourmet pizza truck…
they literally pulled freshly fired pizza out of that thing every minute or two.
and every one of them was amazeballs.
after we went back a few times,
and found the italian sodas they served out of the side of the truck,
one of the guys serving asked how i liked the food….
“did you just ask a pregnant lady if i liked your hand-made gourmet all-i-can-eat pizza??”
um, yeah. yes, i did.