i talked with a friend saturday 
{when i wasn’t watching conference}
and he commented that conference is far more interesting 
when we didn’t have life together yet… 
{i.e when he wasn’t in love and about to get married.}

i do remember being single and feeling a stronger need for answers when i felt so lost and my future was unplanned and made me nervous just thinking about it…

i find there is always answers i need, whether i know i need them or not. 

sometimes they come at me like a fog horn in broad daylight and force me to realize its time to make a change. 
this happens about every six months at least, and often in between.

the one that got me this time was this:

“When it comes to hating, gossiping, ignoring, ridiculing, holding grudges, or wanting to cause harm, please apply the following:
Stop it!”

-President Uchtdorf

i have been the receiver of judgement, lots in fact, and i know the pain and insecurity that comes with it. i know the feeling of entering a situation in anticipation of the judgement that i only assume people are making. 
it drives cc crazy.
“…i am sure they think i talk to much… or they probably think we are cheap-o….i hope they don’t think i was rude to say that – i didn’t mean it like that!”

i know i am not alone in this feeling. 
and the worst part is, 
i know it, because i do it. 

he quoted a bumper sticker he saw, 
“don’t judge me because i sin differently than you!”

its hard to live in a world where we don’t communicate like normal people 
with most people we communicate with. 
we share everything with strangers,
and that can sometimes do more harm than good.

the rest of Uchtdorf’s talk was about being disciples and loving like the savior, 
who does not judge, who forgives, and who forgets. 
and that while we are forgiving, to forgive ourselves.

my theme for myself this year is joy in the journey. 
joy = be happier. 
be happier = assume the best of people and let things go. 
love, forgive, be happy,
and enjoy the ride.

that’s what i am going to try be more about.

speaking of good words,  
this weekend is my favorite for some of the best Easter videos.
be sure to check out 
starting tomorrow morning to see the inspiring videos for all faiths.