Using the best bread recipe, and fresh apples, these are definitely the best cinnamon rolls I’ve had yet!

apple cinnamon rolls with apple cider cinnamon icing

We spent our Labor Day weekend at the cabin with all of the family disconnecting, and relaxing in the cool with my favorite people was just what the doctor ordered. Husband and I got up there the morning before everyone came and since it was still #makeandtakeweek, we decided to make up some granny bread, in hopes that we would be pulling out the warm loaves as everyone rolled into town that evening.

While the bread rose, we played outside and noticed the apple trees were ready to explode! So we spent the next 30-40 minutes apple picking and enjoying the mountain air. My mom heart was a pool of mother-butter watching my kids play outside like I did in my granny’s backyard…

boss apple picking 1 boss apple picking 2 reese apple picking

I had an epiphany… just days before when I made this bread, instead of my usual 3 medium-sized loaves, I made 2 loaves AND a full batch of cinnamon rolls too! I did the same here only I whipped up a ridiculous buttercream with apple cider and real apple juice from the apples I used to load the inside with. We all agreed they were probably the best way to have cinnamon rolls. Ooey, gooey, and the apples made the inside so, yes, it must be said: moist. {Don’t hate me for using the M-word.}

apple cider cinnamon rolls with the best ever apple buttercream icing

So when you try these this fall, or when you come back to these around Christmas {cause they’d be PERFECT for Christmas morning…}, just remember that the white bread recipe makes 2 large loaves, or 3 medium, so you could make all of it into cinnamon rolls of course, and it would make at least 3 cookie sheets worth. With just 1/3 of the bread recipe, this made about 15 good-sized cinnamon rolls. So plan on lots of carbs. Or, in honor of Granny, just make the 2 loaves and cinnamon rolls, then give away a loaf or two.

Let me know how you like them!

apple cider cinnamon rolls with apple cider buttercream icing


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apple cider cinnamon rolls with apple cider buttercream icing