so, it was almost a week ago now,
but some of my close friends and my aunt threw me
such a cute shower for baby reese.everything was adorable, and delicious, including all of the cute little girl clothes,
and the best part was having so many of my favorite people in one place.

reese’s colors are teal n coral 
{and by “her colors” i mean, if i had space to do a nursery for just her…
since i don’t, i think it’s ok to have a “theme” for a baby, right?}
it meant for the cutest decorations too.

my girlfriend even tracked down some photos of me as a baby and little girl…
some of which prove that there is some of me in my firstborn.
and the clothes?!
i died. so much cuteness,
and all of it needed.
my poor girl was about to grow up in trucks and guitars,
so reese thanks you too!
the cutest popcorn favors…
an ice cream bar… cause i like ice cream these days…
a fruit cradle. cutest idea, right?
and of course pasta and naughty rolls and salad.
thanks so much cute friends and family, for such a great party!