i know this might be random,
but i keep telling friends about the magic of coconut oil,
and with all the ads about amazing skin treatments and hair serums and healthy oil alternatives,
i had to chime in.

since i have lived here in san diego, it’s been the buzz. it’s even bigger than kale, and running,
which are both a big deal for some reason….

my uncle, the health guru, was spooning it into his veggies that he roasts in a large batch weekly,
and i asked him what that was all about….

he taught me why it is good to use coconut oil to cook and bake with… it’s a healthier oil to begin with, and it doesn’t oxidize like other oils do when heated in a pan- so it still retains all it’s goodness.

then, when at a friend’s house for dinner, {who has now sadly moved back to arizona without us}
she had her own little container of coconut oil that she said she used as a moisturizer/night cream.
genius. and who knew?

so, on a week when he wasn’t too excited about the extra $30 on the costco bill,
i just threw in a huge container of the stuff.

that was a handful of months ago,
it’s half-full now {as apposed to half-empty of course. i am an optimist after all}

not only do i use it on my dry face and skin before i go to bed at night, but every so often when i demand whine nicely for a massage, it doubles as perfect massage oil cause it melts in your hands. good stuff i tell you… i also use a small dot before i put on make-up for the day. it’s the perfect primer too.

and not only do i use it exclusively while i cook instead of olive oil or the spray stuff, i have added it to many a baked good with success.

AND, my new favorite: for my hair.

i wouldn’t recommend it if your hair is greasy to begin with,
but i have thick, dry, frizzy hair. which is only worse in the humid summer here…
i am the kind to put grease in my hair, and after 5 days, it’s still dry…
it means i can go a week without washing it, but it also means it’s always thirsty.
even here where my car is covered in a new layer of dew every day.

so instead of getting the annual brazilian blow-out that my aunt and her lady friends get at the beginning of every summer,
i use a small amount in my dry ends and it’s even better than any serum i use.
nuts, but worth a try, if you have hair like mine!

this is me after my hair air dries, and then after i add in a tiny bit of coconut oil starting with my ends. {no, i haven’t straightened or curled it yet, so it’s not cute, per say, but much easier to work with!}

sorry for the pathetic iphone fotos, but really, was i going to wait to let cc do that?
i have a little dignity, folks…