i thought about writing of my experience last night
that involved a mini-breakdown just following the demise of dinner…

lets just say, the boiling, nearly completed pot of what was going to be my first successful meal in months,
ate the floor. and ate it bad.

though it ruined my night for a while,
and my swearing/yelling mom-tantrum startled my unassuming husband,
it didn’t kill me.
and life moved on.

and since we are committed to staying positive this month,

i would much rather talk about nerdy things…

cc and i went night shooting the other night…
which was so much fun and took way too long,
but as we shivered, realized how fun it is to share nerdy hobbies…

and then we came home and captured what happens when you take a baby on said venture
in the cold, way beyond bedtime.

1.4 – 1/200 – 100ISO

reason #43 to love nikon:
old lenses fit on new cameras.

nerd alert!

this is the 50mm off of cc’s dad’s nikomat {what nikon was called pre-70s}
and it opens to a 1.4 aperture.
the camera is a nikon D7000.

and yes, all of these were straight out of the camera, which i love.

1.4  x 1/400 x 400ISO

i would be lying if i said i wasn’t a bit upset that it took me this long to try using the old lens.
i would like to repent now and use it for all further shoots, as it is glorious.