this is not a real update of our {real} vacation,
this weekend we blessed this little guy 
{jasper dylan moffat} in LA.
so we had lots of cute people around and lots of fun things to do.
went to newport beach,
then to crab cooker 
{where i admit, i had halibut, and liked it. don’t tell cc…}
went out to balboa island and had me a Bal bar…
went to the taping of The Sing Off,
{i can’t say anthing about it, but you HAVE to watch that show… it will rock}
spent all day saturday @ santa monica beach
watched the UCLA game where cousin Kev was injured again… so sad…
sat in a hot tub…
on sunday, we blessed baby Jasper,
met up with friends n family and enjoyed a perfect day…
today, we are on our way to tour hollywood on a bus, 
cause we can…
since we are about to head into the lack-of-free-saturdays stint for the rest of the year, 
it’s nice to get out and play….