a friend said she was making a tree skirt with burlap and i went and bought 3 yards before i even knew what it was going to look like…
i knew i would love it.
and per usual, i was right.
she sent me this chick’s tutorial on it.
though you don’t really need one.
a few yards of fabric,
{burlap n muslin}
the $5 tree skirt from target
{aka an already cut piece of red felt…}

buy a glue gun,
{“what? you didn’t own a glue gun before now!” 
shut up mom. and no, i didn’t.}

then just glue the rufflles on it.

and admire how fun it is to finally have a tree,
and a cute guy to say, “wow, look how fabulous that looks with our ‘rustic’ tree.”
{my straight, homophobe husband turned slightly nate berkus}


don’t forget about the give-away.
in addish to the VintPrint case that will go to a lucky winner,
another winner will get one of these cute babies from SNAPS!

i design all of her tags n things,
she pays me in gift baskets.
its a beautiful thing.