it’s been a resolution of mine.
like officially, on the books, a resolution that i have failed to fulfill for years,
to go somewhere.
anywhere really, that requires one of these…
see, i think the farthest i have been is hawaii.
and before that, it was NYC.
i loved the east coast and felt like i was “out”, but lets get real,
i have never made it out of the states.
so, one of those,
“hey we had plans but they sorta fell through, and we need you to take our time share in cabo” things came up,
and we would be dumb idiots to let it pass us up.
so, we forked out a lung to get passports
{my first one ever},
arranged our flights to layover in phoenix so we can pass our kid over the red tape to my parents,
and in about a week, we will be on a much-needed vacation with cliffords
i don’t think i can accurately depict my reaction to this news unless i show you this…
my hands are paralyzed.
 if you’ve been to Mexico,
let me know what you did there.
we need a mexico for dummies book!